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In order to establish the road traffic safety system the purpose of which will primarily be prevention, and removal of consequences incurred during the operation of that kind of traffic, the Government of the Republic of Serbia founded the Road Traffic Safety Agency In December 2009, which practically commenced its work on September 1, 2010.

The Law also stipulates foundation of the Road Traffic Safety Coordination Body, which is to establish the traffic safety strategic management. The Road Traffic Safety Agency has been established in order to perform developmental, professional and regulatory activities in the road safety domain, and that:

    Professional activities are connected to the road traffic safety, in compliance with requirements of the effective and safe transportation system development;


    The Agency has been established in order to provide road traffic development – safety:
    • to improve the road traffic safety system
    • to carry out professional developmental activities
    • to improve services of the Agency and
    • to pass measures and instructions in compliance with its authorizations;
    Regulatory activities include publishing, that is preparation of drafts of particular general enactments, regulating and stipulating legal relations of wider importance as well as passing of particular general enactments.

The Agency consists of five departments: Drivers Department, Vehicles Department, Research Department, Planning and Local Self-Governments Department, and Department of Legal, Financial and General Activities

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