Attitudes of road users оn hazards and risks in traffic in Serbia in 2017 Publish date: 26.01.2018. Document size: 3.1 MB Download count: 9
Guide for improvement of road safety with proposed measures Publish date: 07.03.2017. Document size: 7.06 MB Download count: 104
Road Safety Performance Indicators for year 2016 Publish date: 22.02.2017. Document size: 6.79 MB Download count: 120
Benchmarking of road safety at the local level and the establishment of a road safety system in local self-governments Publish date: 16.09.2016. Document size: 2.85 MB Download count: 121
DATABASE on road traffic safety characteristics in the Republic of Serbia Publish date: 15.09.2016. Document size: 1.98 MB Download count: 157
Safety performance indicators in the Republic of Serbia for 2015 Publish date: 26.01.2016. Document size: 8.68 MB Download count: 184
Child car seats Publish date: 04.08.2015. Document size: 1.63 MB Download count: 905
Research of attitudes of traffic participants on risks in traffic in Serbia, defining of methodology, key problems and course of action. Publish date: 07.07.2015. Document size: 3.18 MB Download count: 374
Benchmarking of traffic safety institutions in local self-governments in the Republic of Serbia, strategic importance and potential. Publish date: 06.07.2015. Document size: 694 KB Download count: 305
Indicators of traffic safety performances in the Republic of Serbia in year 2014. Publish date: 05.07.2015. Document size: 5.42 MB Download count: 282
Acting of traffic participants after the occurence of traffic accident. Publish date: 04.07.2015. Document size: 1.52 MB Download count: 961
Monitoring of basic characteristics of traffic accidents in Serbia, in accordance with CaDaS recommendations of the European Comission. Publish date: 02.07.2015. Document size: 2.51 MB Download count: 594
Overview of project „Methods for monitoring of the traffic safety indicators and their importance for the strategic traffic safety management“ Publish date: 01.07.2015. Document size: 12.17 MB Download count: 173
Statistical report on the state of traffic safety in the Republic of Serbia for the year 2013. Publish date: 08.05.2015. Document size: 2.69 MB Download count: 267