In the previous years, the Agency has been conducting actions and campaigns with the aim of raising the level of road traffic safety awareness in the Republic of Serbia. The campaigns and actions contain visual identities available online, as well as campaigns visible ‘offline’, on billboards, bus stops, or simply using promotional materials. Every campaign has only one goal – to prevent any kind of casualties in traffic. On this page, you can become acquainted with the current campaigns, but also with the list of successfully completed ones. Many public institutions and persons have been taking part in realizing all these events, along with the Agency’s workforce that maybe is not as viral and visible, but definitely presents the screw this machinery could not function without.

Improving road safety has been recognized as one of the strategic goals of the national strategy for road safety of the Republic of Serbia. The Strategy defines the goal to have zero killed children on roads of the Republic of Serbia. Among all, it could be reached in the way that all passengers in vehicles, including children, are always transported correctly, with the use of appropriate protection systems.

The Road Traffic Safety Agency and the Local Road Traffic safety Coordination Bodies have a significant role of initiator and carrier of activities in raising people’s conscience on the use of protection systems inside vehicle – safety belts and child restraint systems, on both national and local level.

Having that in mind, the Agency has initiated the campaign “Never…” aimed at increasing the use of protection systems inside vehicles, that is going to jointly be conducted with the Local Road Traffic Safety Coordination Bodies.

Within the campaign, videos and billboards were prepared.

With regard to the mutual goal, we would like to use the occasion to invite to join the realization of the campaign in your local self-government. If you have a possibility, show the video on local TV stations and set up billboards in your local-self government’s territory.

Billboard 1

Billboard 2

Video 1

Video 2