Date: 25.11.2016.

For the first time, the Road Traffic Safety Agency has initiated the campaign aimed at motorcycle riders and has been conducting activities aimed at increasing responsible behavior in traffic and reducing the casualties of two-wheeler riders.

The campaign “Take care of others, think of yourself!”  involves addressing the motorcyclists via video on electronic media, billboards, PR activities, communication on social networks, but also the activities with the members of the Traffic Police Department with direct contact with motorcyclists, moped rider and cyclists who will get helmets and promotion materials.

The campaign’s video shows, from the rider’s perspective, situations in traffic which are risky for motorcyclists who do not follow the rules, do not use safety equipment, ride with inappropriate speed, do not respect the traffic signalization, and finally it shows the outcome of irresponsible traffic behavior.

In this way safe behavior in traffic is going to be promoted, awareness on the importance of equipment and following the rules is going to be raised. Analysis of the road accident in the previous year show that the use of helmets in urban areas among moped passengers has been decreased, while the use has been increased among the riders for 4.5%, and when it comes to riding on motorways the helmet use has been increased for 100%.

The video material is available for download here.