Road Traffic Safety Agency is, pursuant to Article 9, paragraph 2, item 1 of The Law on Road Traffic Safety (Official Gazette of RS Nos. 41/2009, 53/2010, 101/2011), obliged to analyze, monitor and improve the road traffic safety system (the development and application of the Unique (integrated) road safety database). The database of the Road Traffic Safety Agency (RTSA) contains the following data:

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs (Traffic Police Directorate).
    • Road accidents, persons and vehicles involved in road accidents (1997 – one year before current year).
    • Centers for driver's education (current state, being updated every two months).
    • Vehicle technical inspection stations (current state, being updated every two months).
    • Registered motor vehicles (by municipalities and police departments, 2011 - 2014).
    • Traffic violations (2016).
    • Driving licenses (2016).
  • Road Traffic Safety Agency
    • Road Safety Performance Indicators (by police departments, showing last available measurement on map, but the table behind the map contains all the previous measurements if the concrete indicator has been measured previously). 
    • Risk of participation in road traffic (relative measure) for different road user categories (by municipalities and police departments, for previous year of three previous years for specific road user categories). 
    • Tachograph Workshops (current state, being updated every two months).
    • Technicians in Tachograph Workshops (current state, being updated every two months).
    • Drivers who have lost their driving licence because of penalty points (current state, being updated every two months).
    • Lecturers, examiners, driving instructors, tram drivers and professional drivers (current state, being updated every two months).
    • Local road safety coordination bodies (current state, being updated every two months).
  • Public Enterprise "Roads of Serbia"
    • Network of national public roads – sections (2016).
    • Network of national public roads - sections (2013).
    • Traffic Signalization (Road Signs) (2008).
    • Average Annual Daily Traffic - AADT (2015).
    • Automatic Traffic Counters (2016).
    • Dangerous spots – "black spots" (2007 and 2011).
    • Bridges (2016).
    • Tunnels (2014).
    • Landslides (2008-2012).
    • ITS devices (2015).
    • International E Roads (2016).

Download material:

  1. Application Usage Manual (v1.0). Currently only in Serbian language.
  2. Manual for data analysis using RTSA WEB GIS Application (Version 2, 17.09.2015.). Currently only in Serbian language.
  3. Informative Brochure about WEB GIS Application (New version of brochure currently only in Serbian language. For old version available in English language, please click here). 
  4. Categorization of national public roads in the Republic of Serbia (Download). Currently only in Serbian language.

Dear users, 

Road Traffic Safety Agency (RTSA) is currently involved into the testing process of the improved version of WEB GIS Application. As the improved version of application is still being tested, there is possibility that some application functionalities are not working as expected. Functionalities of the improved application are significantly widened. First of all, it is now possible to see location of each road accidents for 2015 and 2016 directly through application. There are also additional datasets available (mostly from Public Enterprise "Roads of Serbia" and Ministry of Internal Affairs - Traffic Police Directorate). Besides that, number of available fields for analysis inside attributive analysis of application is increased (type of road accident, influential factors, national roads, road accidents locations and etc.). Some parts of the application may not be fully translated into English.