In the director’s office managerial and organizational activities relevant to the work of the Agency are performed, as well as activities related to public relations.

Acting Director

Jasmina Milosevic


She was born on March 5, 1968. She completed primary and secondary school in Jagodina, and graduated at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, where she worked as an associate on the subject Maintenance of motor vehicles in the Department of Road Traffic.

She had been working in the media and marketing field on radio and television in Belgrade since 2001. She used to work as a producer in marketing and media company Studio B, and later as as a head of studio of Palma Plus television in Belgrade. From the year 2011, she worked in JAT Airways Company, as a Head of Marketing Directorate.

She was a member of Management Board of the Civil Engineering Directorate of Serbia, member of the Control Board of Sava Centar and member of Management Board of the Road Traffic Safety Agency.

Jasmina Milosevic was a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia for two mandates.

She was chosen for a member of the City Council in 2014, where she was in charge of traffic. She is also a member of the Road Traffic Safety City Council, formed as a part of Traffic Secretariat of the City of Belgrade.

She has been an Advisor to the Minister of Interior since June 2015.

Jasmina was actively playing basketball for 15 years, and she has completed elementary music school, the accordion department.

She is the mother of Nikola, a veterinary student.