Drivers Department

Drivers Department consists of three sections:

  • Planning and Operational Matters Section
  • Record and Register Section
  • Professional Training and Improvement Section

Within the department, different activities are conducted related to:

  • Organization of seminars for knowledge improvement for educators of theoretical knowledge in training for drivers, driving instructors, examiners on driving test and professional drivers;
  • Organization of trainings for drivers of tourist trains, trams and drivers with revoked driving license due to reckless driving;
  • Knowledge testing of educators for theoretical knowledge in training drivers, examiners on driving tests and professional drivers;
  • Conducting a professional exam for theoretical knowledge of educators in training drivers, examiners on driving tests, tourist train drivers and tram drivers;
  • Conducting  exams for drivers with revoked driving license due to reckless driving;
  • Organizing and providing professional literature publications in the field of driver trainings;
  • Activities related to license issuing;
  • Activities of keeping a register of issued permits and licenses;
  • Keeping  and archiving data and documents filed in the register in written and electronic form;
  • Performing other tasks in the department’s area.

The Road Traffic Safety Agency intensively conducts activities related to preparation and passing delegated legislations that regulate the work area and issuance of permits (licenses) for tram drivers, tourist train drivers and professional drivers.