Date: 03.03.2016.

The Road Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Serbia, within its regular activities, aiming to prevent road accidents, with the beginning of the spring season, a special accent is put on motorcyclists, as one of the most vulnerable road users.

On that occasion, on February 23, 2016, in the morning show of the “Happy” television, Dusko Pesic was a guest representing the Road Traffic Safety Agency.


Date: 03.03.2016.

In the area with the developed agriculture, there is an increased presence of tractors in traffic, because the agro-technical operations are often performed in the fields far from economical yard and demand the exit of tractors to the roads. Due to its technical-exploitation characteristics (small maximal speed), possibility to pull one or two trailers, and also to carry or pull equipment and machinery, tractor in traffic on public roads presents a potential danger for road accident occurrence.

According to the analysis conducted by the Road Traffic Safety Agency, 43 municipalities in the territory of the Republic of Serbia have a higher risk for persons being involved in road accidents with tractors.


Date: 03.03.2016.

Novi Sad, February 18, 2016 – At the technical school “Mileva Maric Ajnstajn” the last in a row of educations on road safety was organized. The most common reasons of road accidents with the young are speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and use of mobile phone, while the topic of the yesterday’s education was the influence of illegal actions on the safety of young people in traffic.

The head of the Novi Sad Road and Traffic Management, Viktorija Paunovic and the assistant director of the Road Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Serbia, Zoran Alimpic were present at the education. He emphasized the importance of peer education, as a way to use the interaction with peers and personal experience to send a message to to the young in order to have safer road users.

Benchmarking of road safety on a local level and establishing system of road safety in local self-governments

Date: 23.02.2016.

The Road Traffic Safety Agency has completed the project “Benchmarking of road safety on a local level and establishing system of road safety in local self-governments”. The project entirely completed within the RTSA. It represents “the pilot project” of introducing benchmarking and establishing the system of road safety in eleven local self-governments: Krusevac, Kralevo, Sremska Mitrovica, Sabac, Zrenjanin, Valjevo, Loznica, Kovin, Ub, Cacak and Bogatic.  During the Project, a methodology for direct work with the local self-governments has been established.  While establishing the methodology, the idea has been for it to become the basis for monitoring and evaluation of work of all local self-governments in the field of road safety, but also to provide transfer of knowledge and examples of best practice from better self-governments to the worse ones.


Date: 24.12.2015.

The project “Measuring safety performance indicators in traffic for the year 2015“ is completed. The project involved two researches of indicators: spring-summer and fall research, and for every analyzed safety performance indicator aggregation of results of measures conducted  during the spring-summer and fall research of 2015 was done, so that the unified (annual) values of safety performance indicators for the Republic of Serbia for 2015 was done.

Final conference within the project “I’m still driving”

Date: 24.12.2015.

December 21, 2015 Belgrade – The final conference for media within the project “I’m still driving” was held today at the Media Center in Belgrade, with the support of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, City of Sabac and the support of the Road Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Serbia. Slavisa Savic, coordinator of the project representing the Union of Quadriplegics and Paraplegics of Serbia, Dusko Pesic representing the Road Traffic Safety Agency, Aleksandar Vulin, Minister of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, Nikola Milivojevic representing the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, and Nemanja Pajevic, Deputy Mayor of Sabac, took part in the conference. The mentioned institutions supported the project “I’m still driving” last year.

Polygon for Kraljevo

Date: 22.12.2015.

Local Road Traffic Safety Council of Kraljevo city came to an end with making a car polygon where children could practice traffic rules through play. Everything that is presented to children in the education book “Pazljivko’s traffic rules”, and which is considered important for their safety, has been brought closer to them this way as well. The polygon was made in the schoolyard of the elementary school “Vuk Karadzic” in Ribnica, which made the school principle Ljiljana Barlovac very proud. She said that this was a creative way to improve the education of children, as well as the knowledge in the field of road safety, improving the negative consequences that children suffer in traffic.

Meeting with local self-governments

Date: 22.12.2015.

On December 17, at the premises of the Road Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Serbia, a meeting was held, consultation with the representatives of local road traffic safety bodies. At the consultations with the local self-governments, there were words about the work in this year, as well as determining activities that should be accented and reinforced in the forthcoming year. Representatives of 23 municipalities were present at the meeting, Priboj, Novi Kneževac, Sremski Karlovci, Ćuprija, Ljig, Bačka Palanka, Požarevac, Ljubovija, Kuršumlija, Bački Petrovac, Lapovo, Ruma, Sopot, Užice, Mladenovac, Subotica, Brus, Vrnjačka Banja, Senta, Raška, Kovin, Veliko Gradište, Varvarin. Members of the local self-governments presented their work in the previous 2015, and reports about completed projects.

BOOK “Analysis of road safety state in municiplities and cities in the Republic of Serbia“ published

Date: 22.12.2015.

The Road Traffic Safety Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, has done a detailed analysis of road safety state in 161 local self-governments in the Republic of Serbia. The analyses are done based on the data on road accidents, consequences and safety performance indicators.

Based on the conducted analysis, problems of road safety are identified for all the municipalities and cities in Serbia, and measures to diminish or eliminate the problems are proposed. The programs of work of local road safety coordination bodies should be prepared based on the conducted analyses and identified problems, and road safety management based on the data should be a permanent activity of local road safety bodies.

Peer education in Kraljevo

Date: 15.12.2015.

December 11, 2015 – On Friday, Peer education was organized in Kraljevo, the topic of which was influence of alcohol, speeding and importance of fastening seat belt, in cooperation with the Road Traffic Safety Agency and the road Traffic Safety Council of Kraljevo.

The statistics shows that there have been almost 19 thousand road deaths in the last 20 years, and that young people up to 25 years of age belong to the most jeopardized group of road users. With regard to the data, Peer education should influence the consciousness of peers by showing life tragedies, so that they could change the way they understand traffic and become familiar with the potential risks. The aim of the activity is working on prevention in order to avoid road accidents.