Date: 17.03.2017.

Having in mind the number of consequences of road accidents with tractors, the Road Traffic Safety Agency has this year as well initiated and supported many activities devoted to increasing safety of this category of road users.

According to the Law on road traffic safety that precisely defines the obligations of tractor drivers and by conducting numerous actions and campaigns, the number of killed and injured tractor drivers in road accidents has been reducing over the years.

According to that, the Agency has supported the action of tractor and agriculture machines drivers, initiated by the Local road traffic safety council of Vrsac town, in cooperation with the driving school “BOS”, traffic police department and representatives of Council of villages, with the aim of educating and reducing the number of road accidents with tractor drivers.

Within this action, a number of education meetings will be organized with tractor and agriculture machine drivers from all inhabited areas of Vrsac town.

The first meeting was held on February 21 in Uljma, where 50 tractor drivers were present and were presented with the light reflecting triangles for slow vehicles and brochures with instructions for safe behavior of this road group in traffic. The attendees were addressed by the president of the Local road traffic safety council of Vrsac Milos Vasic and member of Council Slobodan Milosevic, member of the City Council for agriculture Slobodan Jovanov, representative of the Road Traffic Safety Agency Dusko Pesic and representatives of the Ministry of Interior.

Representative of the Road Traffic Safety Agency Dusko Pesic emphasized that for this group of road users it is characteristic that in most cases they are the only participants in road accidents, that is, by their own mistake. He mentioned the most common reasons of inadequate tractor driving (inadequate technique or speed, gradient and side slopes, with occurrence of overturning), technical malfunction of tractors (brakes, light signalization) and improper driving in public traffic (disobeyance of priority at intersections), inadequate speed or not having protection frame or cabin.