Date: 17.03.2017.

The Road Traffic Safety Agency has been conducting a campaign aimed at increasing road safety of people older than 65, having in mind the fact that this group of road users is particularly jeopardized in traffic.

On that occasion, representative of the Agency, Branko Stamatovic, held the lecture at the city parliament of Novi Sad where he presented statistical data and results of the research on jeopardy of people older than 65 in traffic. “According to the data, people older than 65 make 18% of the entire population in the Republic of Serbia, but every fourth fatality in road accident is a person older than 65. Namely, about 25% of killed and 105 of injured in road accidents are people older than 65”, said Stamatovic.

Member of the city Council for traffic and roads Aleksandar Kravic was also present at the lecture, saying that the statistic is not very good and that the most important thing is that people are realistic when it comes to themselves and their capabilities.

Novi Sad hosted the first out of ten lectures organized in ten local self-governments with the aim of raising awareness of people older than 65 about safe participation in traffic.