Date: 17.03.2017.

One in a row of lectures for tractor drivers was organized in Resnik, municipality of Rakovica, where 60 drivers of tractors and agricultural machines were present. The lecture was opened by the president of the Rakovica Municipality Vladan Kocic, who emphasized the importance of organizing these lectures for safety of tractor drivers. Assistant director at the Road Traffic Safety Agency Svetlana Miljus stated the data about tractor driver casualties in traffic and pointed out the importance of solving the problem and increasing safety of tractor driver in traffic.

Advisor to the director of RTSA Milan Ilic spoke with the attendees in the interactive part of the lecture about the size of the problem and their experience, reasons causing road accidents with tractors, about the way and possibilities for problem solution. Chief of the cabinet of the president of the municipality of Rakovica Vladimir Jovanovic was also present at the lecture.

In the end of the lecture, the representatives of the agency and the president of the Rakovica  Municipality Vladan Kocic, shared to all attendees promotional material of the road Traffic Safety Agency, boards for marking slow vehicles in traffic, one-time use alcometers, light-reflecting vests and brochures with instructions for safe participation of tractor drivers in traffic.