Date: 17.03.2017.

In the following period, the RTSA has continued the activities aimed at increasing safety of children in traffic. Along with the interactive traffic education class “Pazljivko’s traffic rules” conducted in the previous years, at the beginning of 2017 a pilot project of competition on road safety among pre-school and primary school children has been initiated.

Data show that children of 8 years of age and above are significantly more jeopardized in traffic if they are not prepared to participate in traffic independently, therefore it is necessary to introduce additional prevention activities that could provide best results in the field of children’s road safety. It is the reason for initiating a project like this one. Through this competition, children should review their previous knowledges and acquire new ones.

Besides the above mentioned, the basic goals of the project are:

·         Encouraging traffic education of children and students

·         Encouraging children and students to behave safely in traffic

·         Encouraging parents to talk about the topic of their child’s safety in traffic

The project itself consists of more phases. In the first phase it is necessary to build a methodology, while in the others it is necessary to train  moderators in Kragujevac, Nis and Belgrade and conduct pilot school and municipality competitions I local self-governments in Temerin, Cajetina, Vranje, Vrnajcka Banja and Belgrade (city municipality Savski Venac).

The target group of this part of project are three-member teams of preschool children, first grade and second grade students of primary schools. The best teams in local self-governments will take part in the  republic competition that is going to be organized in Vrnjacka Banja.