Date: 17.03.2017.

The first meeting of representatives of the Agency and Citizens Association “Atlas” about the Handbook for conducting the program of traffic education in pre-schools and elementary schools, was he at Road Traffic Safety Agency. The topics of the meeting were proposals of methodical handbooks, with separate topics and methodic depending on the age of children, in three handbooks, for preschool, first to fourth grade of elementary school and fourth to eight grade of elementary school.

Children are one of the most jeopardized categories of road users. Their vulnerability in traffic is a consequence of insufficient knowledge, incomplete information, insufficient experience and undeveloped physical constitution. Education on safe participation in traffic is the most important in early age, because then it is easiest to create positive attitudes, knowledges and behaviors for safe participation in traffic. Traffic education of children is one of the preconditions for timely creation of awareness of the importance of correct and safe behavior in traffic. In addition, at this age it is easier to build correct attitudes that would lead them later on in life.

According to the national Strategy on road traffic safety, one of the primary goals is to have zero killed children in road accidents as of 2020, which is exactly the aim of this project. This is one of the ways of establishing a stable system of road safety management through introducing elements of this topic in the education system of the Republic of Serbia, in order to get results and reach the wanted state.