Date: 17.03.2017.

School competitions are efficient models when it comes to learning about different topics, including road safety. The RTSA has continued conducting the pilot project “Pazljivko’s traffic competition” so that children could acquire new knowledges and learn about safe behavior in traffic. Following the completion of the first phase adoption of Methodology of conducting “Pazljivko’s traffic competition”, training of moderators who will lead the children through the completion in local self-governments begun.

Training of moderators means presenting the methodology to the teachers, defining the roles and obligations of moderators in each phase of the competition, as well discussion and evaluation of the methodology with teachers with aim of improving and adjusting it to both children and the ones employed in education. Presentation, evaluation and training of moderators are planned in Kragujevac, Belgrade and Nis, Temerin, Vrnjacka Banja, Cajetina and Vranje.

With the support of the city of Kragujevac the first training of moderators was completed, where the representative of the road Traffic Safety Agency Tomislav Petrovic held a presentation of the pilot project, while the representative of the project contractor PhD Krsto Lipovac introduced the methodology of the project, roles and obligations of moderators in each phase of the competition, to the teachers. This project relates to the “Pozljivko’s class” and continues with activities for the youngest.