Date: 20.07.2016.

One of the most famous and the most visited world music festivals, EXIT, has this year as well offered many educational, interactive and socially responsible contents, along with great entertainment.

Among them was the #safezone, safe traffic zone, which attracts attention of great number of visitors for the third year in a row. This year, within the joint campaign of the Road Traffic Safety Agency, Heineken Company and EXIT foundation called “Who’s driving home?” different activities for raising the level of awareness about  road safety were available to young people.

During the festival, at the #safezone, the visitors could be informed about all the important questions on safe and responsible behavior in traffic, to make sure by using “drunken goggles” how alcohol influences driver’s sight and reactions, they could make temporary fun tattoos with educative messages, and received bracelets, key rings, T-shirts to remind them that good fun and responsible behavior could go together.

Besides these activations, visitors also wrote down their thoughts, plans and wishes inspired by the name of the campaign “Who’s driving home?”.

Multiple world champion in kick box, Nenad Pagonis, supported the action “Who’s driving home?” and on the second day of Exit festival visited the safe zone and took part in all activities prepared for the visitors, with the aim of raising the awareness on road safety.

The fact that about 2,500 people visited the “traffic safety zone” in four days, shows how much the visitors loved our activation.