Prevention and Local Self-Governments Department

The Research and Analysis Section of the Prevention and Local Self-Governments Department, presents a development part of the Road Traffic Safety Agency where activities of research, analyses and monitoring of the state of road safety are conducted, as well as activities of identifying key problems in road traffic safety and proposing measures for improving road traffic safety. One of the most important activities of the department is related to the Unique (integrated) road safety database and establishing geographic information system in function of road traffic safety. A significant part of the department’s activities is devoted to defining safety performance indicators (SPI) and structure of data collected, filed, measured and monitored in the field of road traffic safety.

The department cooperates with national and international institutions, scientific and professional organizations, especially in the field of data exchange, monitoring, adjusting and developing professional procedures, methodologies and measures applied in the field of road traffic safety. Analyses and publications about data on traffic and road accidents are prepared periodically and are available online to all interested organizations and individuals. The department is also responsible for preparing and announcing information about statistical data on state of road traffic safety according to the Law on Road Traffic Safety available to everyone under the same conditions .The department is in permanent communication with institutions and organizations, which are part of road traffic safety system in the Republic of Serbia.