Road Traffic Safety in Local-Self Governments

The Agency coordinates and performs all the tasks related the improvement of road traffic safety councils in local self-governments. Since 2009 when the provisions of the Law on Road Traffic Safety entered into force, 110 out of 161 local self-governments in the Republic of Serbia have formed road traffic safety councils. Therefore, the Agency continuously coordinates and performs different tasks: cooperation and coordination with regional and local road traffic safety bodies, offering professional help to the bodies in order to improve traffic safety, creating professional instructions, manuals and guides for improving the work of the local bodies, following international experiences and accomplishments in the field of road traffic safety, giving opinions about contents of strategies and action plans on road traffic safety in local self-governments, giving opinions and directions for more quality creation of programs for finding means in local self-governments, professional and technical tasks for the needs of the Road Traffic Safety Coordination Body, cooperation with institutions and organizations on the state level with aim of improving traffic safety on the local level, following and applying the best international practice in terms of improving road safety on the local level and other affairs.